Orthopedic Services

Shoe Modifications

Shoe modification and the use of orthoses in the treatment of foot and ankle pathology. Modifications include flares, which provide stability; extended shanks to reduce bending stresses; rocker soles to rock the foot from heel-strike to toe-off; and relasting, or reshaping, shoes to accommodate deformities. Therapeutic footwear may be used to treat patients with diabetes, arthritis, neurologic conditions, traumatic injuries, congenital deformities, and sports-related injuries.


Your feet and ankles have a big job to do when it comes to being the anchor for your body and stability, especially when you are active or play sports. Don’t let an injury or condition take you out of the game.

Orthotic Diabetic

Generally, diabetic shoes, inserts, and other diabetic foot orthotics offer additional support, absorb more shock, and provide a greater degree of cushioning than standard footwear. This support and protection reduces the amount of pressure and stress placed on the foot, and the level of wear and rubbing on the skin.

Accommodative Orthotics

Accommodative Orthotics cushion and protect the foot.

Diabetic Firm Orthotics

Excessive pressure on the diabetic foot—brought on by an unyielding shoe insole, inadequate arch support, or a poorly fitted shoe—often results in ulceration and subsequent amputation. To keep feet properly supported and protected, it’s important to use insoles that offer total contact, support, and comfort.

Custom Shoes & AFOs

An AFO is a brace, usually made of plastic, worn on the lower leg and foot to support the ankle. It also may hold the foot and ankle in the correct position and correct foot-drop or other biomechanical problems with the foot. AFOs are applied externally and control the position and motion of the ankle.

We Recommend the following Brands with AFOs:

  • New Balance